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Support for the Oakwood system is provided by ‘Langford Computer Support (LCS)'. LCS provide dedicated telephone and on-line remote support 24 hours, 7 days a week. LCS also provide a regularly tested disaster recovery service at no additional cost. There are regular User Group meetings and Manager Workshops throughout the year. LCS also provide web-site and mobile Apps for the Oakwood system. LCS are completely dedicated to the support of the Oakwood user group and this makes up 100% of our business.

Users have their own choice of Hardware maintenance contractors, which also helps users to maintain control of IT costs. LCS can recommend IT hardware support and will liaise with them on an on-going basis to provide a full reliable support offering to the Credit Union. The Oakwood users are happy with this option as it means in many cases that they can place the hardware support contract locally and support local business.

The Oakwood System

The Oakwood System is one of the longest established and most trusted systems in the marketplace. Originally developed in 1986, Oakwood is unique in that it is now a Credit Union accounting system fully owned and controlled by Credit Unions. The system was purchased by the Oakwood Users Group in 1997 (under the company name Stillglade). The users retain ownership and full control of the system, they also dictate the schedule of future developments and retain control of costs. The Oakwood users have helped shaped the system to cater specifically to their needs in a rapidly changing and challenging environment for Credit Unions. Developments on the Oakwood system adhere strictly to legislation and provide all the necessary functionality to fulfil the user’s legislative and compliance requirements. It is fully compliant with all Central Bank / FSA guidelines and ILCU requirements.

The Oakwood User Group (Stillglade) model has a co-operative ethos at its core. The system maintenance and development funding is operated on a cost recovery / break even basis. With the Oakwood system all developments and enhancements to the system are incorporated into the Annual Maintenance Fee. Updates are issued regularly at no additional cost thus ensuring that all users have the most up to date version of the software at all times. Unlike other commercial systems, you will never need to purchase a new "versions". Smaller Credit Unions are not at a disadvantage as the annual maintenance fee is scaled in relation to the size of your credit union, this enables all member Credit Unions to avail of all functionality in a very cost-effective manner.

The users of the Oakwood system have been a hugely influential driving force in ensuring that the Oakwood system has kept pace with the marketplace. Our users have seen that owning and controlling your own IT system guarantees controlling your IT costs and shaping your IT future. The Oakwood System is an example of a proven cost-effective shared service. As the group expands there is huge potential to incorporate further shared services.

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